Villeroy&Boch once again rewards SACMI Gaiotto performance and reliability

Two new GA2000 robots installed on lines dedicated to robotised glazing of WCs. A new investment that increases the total number of SACMI-Gaiotto solutions currently in operation at the Mettlach manufacturing facility

With this latest order for two new glazing robots, the number of SACMI Gaiotto solutions installed at German firm Villeroy&Boch - a leading producer of high quality, stunningly designed ceramic and non-ceramic items for bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and wellness areas since 1748 - rises continuously.
Already up and running, the two GA 2000 robots have been installed on existing lines, replacing the previous machines to ensure the highest SACMI Gaiotto standards of automation, efficiency and glazed piece quality.
The two lines are specifically designed to manufacture WCs as part of a varied production mix. Equipped with mass control systems that optimise the amount of delivered glaze, the two new robots allow off line programming of glazing recipes via user-friendly joystick control and direct on-line parameter setting.
What more, this latest order also lets the customer manage cell production data remotely thanks to a slave communication interface that lets the robot communicate directly with the customer's systems. A feature that allows, as part of the shift towards Industry 4.0, constant analysis and monitoring of glazing line performance.


Laufen (Roca Group) chooses SACMI-Gaiotto robotized glazing

First complete supply for the Sanitaryware leader based in the Czech Republic. Placed next to the handling robot, the cell is equipped with the latest generation GA2000 for offline programming of glazing recipes.

SACMI Sanitaryware gains another important customer in Central Europe; Laufen, a leading player on the sanitaryware market based in Znojmo, Czech Republic. Part of the Roca Group – already one of SACMI’s main partners in various areas of the world - Laufen has recently purchased and installed a robotised glazing cell completely supplied by SACMI-Gaiotto and equipped with glazing and handling robots.

The latest-generation FANUC handling robot serves two filling siphon glazing machines, SACMI’s newly designed machine specially conceived to guarantee maximum versatility to handle different types of WC. In particular, the solution offers the possibility to customize glazing cycles with solutions to fit the specific type of piece, optimizing cell efficiency.

The glazing operations are controlled by the Gaiotto GA2000 robot, installed on a two-position carousel and provided with dry filtering system for the glaze. Thanks to the smart release of the software for offline programming by 3D modelling, the customer can guarantee a significant reduction in time-to-market of the new models, optimizing quality and performance of the process and reducing glazing consumption. The robot supplied to Laufen is equipped with GDA80, the SACMI needle-free spray-gun characterized by high performance and zero maintenance.


SACMI at Tecnargilla 2018, the state-of-the-art of Ceramic Factory 4.0

From the PCR 3000 super-compactor to integrated-automation presses, automated sanitaryware handling systems and 4.0-oriented plant and warehouse re-engineering

Even more freedom of choice when it comes to size and thickness. Glazing and decoration lines that are going deep digital. Extremely energy-efficient kilns and dryers and fully automatic sanitaryware casting, glazing and robotized handling systems. And that’s just a taste of the many new developments that, just one year before its centenary, SACMI will be showcasing at the international Tecnargilla fair 2018 (Rimini Fiera, 24-28 September 2018).

Taking centre-stage in the Tiles area will be the new PCR 3000 super-compactor, the solution that provides even better size and thickness flexibility (fired tiles up to 1800 mm wide and 30 mm thick). The heart of the Continua+ line, the new PCR 3000 will be displayed alongside SACMI Digital dry digital decoration solutions and the new patented through-body veining control system.

From new developments on the traditional pressing front (SACMI will present the PH 16000 at the fair, the latest model in a new generation of large integrated-automation presses) to deep digital glazing and decoration lines, Tecnargilla 2018 also offers an excellent opportunity to illustrate the progress made with regard to Industry 4.0. Alongside the SACMI H.E.R.E. supervisor, the company proposes a completely new approach to production via re-engineering of plant flows and new highly automated warehouse control systems.

Moving on to Sanitaryware, the inauguration of the new pilot plant in Imola - a permanent addition to the Lab, at the disposal of customers worldwide - is a particularly exciting development. A key player in the special in-company preview on 24th September, SACMI Sanitaryware will, at the fair, present a special installation featuring total automation of casting, glazing and product handling processes, up to and including the final stage managed by latest-generation LGVs (laser-guided vehicles).

This edition of Tecnargilla will also be a special one for SACMI Molds&Dies which, alongside the successful SACMI CRS system for fast mould changeover, will present , the new isostatic punch for large tiles that provides perfectly squared slabs, elimination of the “transparency” effect and simplification of the mould.

We look forward to seeing you at the SACMI stand (Hall B1, Rimini Fiera trade fair centre).


Vietnam, Caesar triples its glazing line capacity with Sacmi-Gaiotto

Three new GA-OL robots and a GA2000 for the robotized glazing of various ceramic sanitaryware items.

Caesar has tripled its glazing output capacity by installing - in addition to machines supplied by Sacmi two years ago - no less than 4 new Gaiotto robots, 3 from the GA-OL series and a GA2000 for the robotized glazing of various ceramic sanitaryware articles. Based in Ho Chi Min City and a leading Vietnamese producer of complete bathroom furnishing lines for over 20 years, the company has now decided to focus on the potential of off-line programming.

The new 7WD off-line software release installed on the GA-OL robot (a release specifically designed for this type of application and fully developed by Gaiotto) makes it possible to exploit the full potential of 3D simulation, allowing off-line development of new models without having to use the cell for test runs and optimising cycle times. Precision control of applied thickness also ensures better glazed piece quality and drastically reduces overspray-related glaze waste.

As in 2016, this order includes a GA2000 robot, Gaiotto's top-of-the-range robotized glazing model that combines all the advantages of off-line and point-to-point programming with self-learning functions. Total automation logic, alongside the ability to create programmes in self-learning mode, will allow Caesar to develop new models even more quickly and stay ahead of market demand.

This latest order clearly highlights all the advantages of Gaiotto technology, not just in terms of performance but also environmental-friendliness. Caesar, in fact, has opted for the advantageous in-booth dry filtration system ; this provides huge benefits in terms of glaze retrieval, lower maintenance costs and cleaning (e.g. there is no wash water residue to dispose of). Caesar has also opted for the innovative GDA80, the needleless glazing gun characterised by zero maintenance and a durability that far exceeds that of alternative solutions.

Close collaboration between the Sacmi team and Caesar's technical staff during the design stage proved to be pivotal. Seamless teamwork resulted in both the smooth installation of the machines and provided all the basic glazing programmes needed for development of a new product line (i.e. the new high quality, superbly designed rimless WCs). Installation and testing were complemented by training, a key aspect that enables the customer to develop new glazing programmes autonomously and exploit the full potential of Sacmi-Gaiotto technology.


Villeroy & Boch, the number of Sacmi-Gaiotto robots rises to 11

The distinguished German manufacturer reinforces its long-standing partnership with the Sacmi Group company by installing two new GA 2000 glazing robots for large pieces

There are now 11 Sacmi-Gaiotto robots installed at the manufacturing complex in Mettlach, the German town home to Villeroy & Boch which has been making high-end bathroom & wellness, tableware, tile, kitchen and 'living in style' items since 1748.

The industrial partnership between this renowned German company and Gaiotto (a Sacmi Group company specialised in the manufacture of robotic and industrial automation solutions) is as stable as it is long-standing. The total number of glazing robots leapt to 11 with the installation and testing of two new GA 2000s, inserted on a complex automated line started up by V&B to glaze large pieces

These new top-of-the-range Gaiotto robots are served by a two-position turret. Specific devices, such as the mass-control system and electric volumetric pump, ensure better control and optimisation of delivered glaze quantities. As part of the same project, Sacmi was also asked to revamp an existing robot with the same 2-position turret.

Like other Gaiotto robots already supplied to Villeroy & Boch, the two new GA2000s are equipped with the latest hardware and software. These, among other things, provide users with direct joystick control and let them set personalised spraying programmes via the off-line software platform (also fully developed by Gaiotto).

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