the Robot is mounted on the top of the booth by a proper housing, so its rotation is 180° in relation to the flooor. This particular position allows to keep free the working area around the bathtub to be sprayed; higher easiness in the machine movements is also granted during programming and selflearning.
  • high performances obtained by the “Digital Signal Processing” which makes possible the accomodation of a wider range of external devices allowing improving solutions;
  • programming carried out with “self-learning” ,“point to point” systems and through an innovative“off-line” system;
  • high degree of automation and repeatability;
  • possible European Certification which classifies the system as “Intrinsically Safe Equipment”, suitable to run in any environment, even with a high risk of explosion.
Robots for fiberglass application are complete with a special, automatic gun and with a Roving trimmer which are managed by a Mass Control Together with theRobot, the Mass Control (device for the delivery control of the sprayed product) has been properly studied and developped by Gaiotto in order to increase performances and general plant efficiency.
  • static device that works in closed-loop with feedback signal;
  • possiblity of keeping constant the value of the product delivery even in case of anomalies in the feeding circuit or at the viscosity change;
  • signalling of the functioning irregularity for avoiding production exiting;
  • encoder placed on the spraying gun which allows the control and regulation of the fiberglass wire stopping the manipulator in case of breaking;
  • optimization of the fiberglass quality just on the finished product.
The booth for fiberglass application has been properly studied in order to avoid the solvents spreading in the sorrounding area, during the spraying phases.The booth structure has been developped for the support and housing both of the spraying Robot and of the table lifting and settling device for reinforcement.
  • It is complete with fans which assure dusts and solvents suction (produced during the process) carrying them outside;
  • structure made of sheet bars, working face complete with suction wall made of dry filters (panel shaped, interchangeable);
  • self-structure made of sheets for Robot movements support;
  • door and glass window for visibility.
The system is interfaced with the spraying Robot and it is automatically adjustable in relation to the kind of bathtub and table to be lifted.
  • Using this particular device, the bottom of the bathtub (complete with applied fiberglass) will perfectly support the table surface;
  • the spraying booths are supplied with a device for automatic lifting of the reinforcement table used for the bathtub.
This machine directly allows the bathtubs cutting and drimming on the the fiberglass spraying plant.
  • Placed just after the dryer and introduced in a properly sound-proofed booth, it is complete with:
  • centering device for the bathtub and shower trays positioning;
  • portal unit for the edges cutting;
  • tool change for the drilling of the "overflow";
  • sound-proofed containing booth;
  • control software for managing the interfacing with plant PLC and security devices.
At a temperature of 45° and through a balanced distribution of the air, the dryer is used for the drying of the fibreglass which was previously sprayed.

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