Its use let human intervention to be considerably reduced and allows the realisation of completely automatic lines based on a very high degree of automation and repeatability. The last generation digital motors and a brand new concept of mechanical drive allows higher standard performances together with a particular ease of handling.
  • High performances obtained by the “Digital Signal Processing”;
  • accomodation of a wider range of external devices allowing improving solutions;
  • programming carried out with “self-learning”, “point to point”and“off-line”;
  • eventual European Certification;
  • suitable system for running in any environment even with a high risk of explosion.
GA-OL is the new Robot by Gaiotto, specifically designed for off-line programming. More straightforward compared to GA2000 (as it does not feature a self-learning function), it ideally complements the different application internal equipment.
GA/F-OL is Gaiotto's recommendation for all those who wish to introduce an optimised automation solution in the form of a Fanuc Robot. Full compatibility with Gaiotto off-line programming software package. Full integration with the glaze flow rate control system (Mass Control).
Innovative system which has been properly studied to grant a perfect glazing on the piece. It allows to create the glazing programs, simulating and optimizing them while being easily seated in front of our own desktop. Properly studied for Gaiotto automatic plants, it is simple in its use as well as very efficient.
  • An applying solution perfectly integrated with the Robot to grant the maximum efficiency and reliability;
  • particular reduction of the overspray as well as of the program cycle time;
  • easiness and effectiveness in its use
The Mass Control (delivery controller of the sprayed glaze)is a system based on the “Coriolis” physical principle properly studied and developped by Gaiotto for high standard and output performances. It manages the functioning of the spraying gun by controlling the delivery and composition of the sprayed glaze.
  • It allows to fix the parameters of the glaze delivery, the nozzle range and its nebulization;
  • it can even correct eventual spraying shiftings thanks to an electronic control with a “closed-circuit”;
  • possibility of inserting by proper keyboard the value related to the product delivery which will be sprayed(mentioned in gram/min);
  • signalling of the functioning irregularity by avoiding production wastes.
Glazing booth are structures which carry out finishing works in segregated zones of the environment and they are complete with specific tools for the waste captures.
  • It is a modular structure in order to allow construction in different dimensions suitable for evey kind of workpiece;
  • it is complete with movable parts (hoppers, doors, and so on) studied and developed in relation to the scheduled workings;
  • Two types:
  • drying filtering type for the abatement pf the polluting compounds;
  • spraying water curtain type for a more reduced abatement and a following glaze recovery.
Siphon Glazing machine as a solution to an unsolved problem: the completely automatic glazing of the rim and the siphon. The operator is replaced with an automatic system: it can identify the kind of piece to be glazed while properly fitting to its exact position, in a very real time. Solution based on a glazing system named “flow-coating”which allows the process to be completely automatic despite the most of the world ceramic industries(where it is manually carried out).
  • Internal glazing of WC bowls thanks to the completely automatic technology named “Flow Coating”;
  • the “Flow Coating” outclasses the “Filling system”;
  • overturning devices + injectors + sponges= perfect glazing without any waste;
  • transferrings, overturnings, rotations, washing operations: a Robot which knows well where to put its “hands”.
It is a modular type solution which can be easily interfaced with the conveyors or with the pieces transferring devices. It is suitable both for Vitreous China and for Fire Clay.
  • The rotation speed can be selected;
  • the movements integration, inside the Robot control board, makes the carousel very simple;
  • additional control systems are not necessary.
This system is studied in order to allow the complete foot clearing by 2 piece longitudinal movements: the first one by handling or pick and place robot and the second one by a fork motorized station.
  • Composed of:
  • one frame made of stainless and painted steel;
  • set of gear motor units;
  • one roll for the sponges support with transversal movement;
  • one stainless steel tank for the water collection;
  • two H²O supply pipe to wash the sponges, provided with water pressure adjustment;
  • two 2 wringer rolls for sponges;
  • set of bearings and supports;
  • one fork storage station with longitudinal movement for the second foot cleaning.
System complete with Pc Touch Screen and pieces recognizing system which allows to the operator to exactly position the piece. The system communicates with the PLC by ethernet.
  • iece out of position:
  • for a correct positioning, it is necessary to refer to the margin area (in red or green colour) between the actual image and the sample one
  • Piece correctly positioned:
  • near to the correct position, the colour passes from red to green one and the margin area is progressively reduced
It is a very simple system both in construction and in maintenance; it is generally used for the unloading phase.
  • Its motion is carried out pitch by pitch according to the pieces dimensions;
  • the pieces are placed on bars covered with rubber and placed crosswise in relation to the pieces motion;
  • the bars end parts are fixed on two chains moved by an electric motor.
It is used for the pieces linear transferring from a station to another one. Its structure is suitable for the interfacing with the automatic loading-unloading systems.
  • It is complete with movable belts for the pieces carrying out;
  • particular belts coverings are used as a support for the brittlest pieces;
  • possibility of a pieces storage unit in case of pieces storage needs;
  • eventual transferring devices for making totally automatic the loading and unloading operations.
System used for the linear transferring from a working station to another one.
  • Support structure made of sturdy steel and alluminium shapes with low friction slides;
  • transversal motion on a motorized truck controlled by inverter;
  • possibility of vertical motion by pneumatic cylinder.
The system is used for the angular pieces transferring (3 movements) from a working station to another one.
  • Rotation movements and horizontal translations are managed by motoreducers;
  • a fixed frame with alluminium shapes is used as a support for the pneumatic cylinder during the vertical truck motion;
  • a gripper for pieces handling is installed on the system for the rotation and the horizontal motion;
  • a good precision during functioning is allowed.
The transferring device allows the automation of the pieces loading and unloading phases. This system gives the possibility to interface different automatic transferring devices for sanitarywrae by the combination of linear and longitudinal movements.
  • handling is controlled by motoreducer;
  • the machine flexibility is allowed;
  • unloading, loading and motion operations managed by a proper software.
If the overall dimensions are reduced, an interconnection Robot will be used instead of the Portal Unit. For this machine a whole of specific tools is properly developed just for the destination area: basement for the floor fixing, specific handling tools for the workpieces, management software
  • specific coordination for being put into the line and for the connection among the operations, from the beginning up to the end of the line;
  • machine based on a wide range of programming, on 6 axes;
  • machine with a wide spread on the market, effectively tested in every industrial field.
The portal unit is a wide working transferring unit; it is a system for the pieces transferring on more than one line or on different levels inside the operating area. Despite the robotized portal unit, a suitable handling Robot is used for the scheduled working loads when it is properly allowed by the reduced overall dimensions.
  • it carries out articulated movements on more than one axis;
  • it uses different handling systems in relation to the piece size and its position on the line;
  • possibility of exactly programming the accelerations and speeds in relation to the kind of pieces;
  • possibility of using different and specialized grippers suitable for the piece size.
The System allows to recognize a set of workpieces previously programmed in order to indicate the right position and the direction towards the workpiece-sample.
  • solution which allows to recognize the piece code and its position for the glazing; transmtting of the new Robot trajectories for the programm correction, in a very real time;.
  • easly handling through guided menu.

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