Robot applications for a wide range of industrial fields

Thanks to the long-term experience in industrial automation, Gaiotto operates as a supplier of robotic solutions to Customers operating in different industrial fields, from automotive industry to plastic demoulding, from food industry to traditional palletization.

Furthermore, the Company is specialized in designing gripping tools and in supplying complete cells tailored to Customer needs.

Advanced robotic cells for handling


We work with our Customers to develop robotic cells tailor made for their specific needs and applications. 
From complete virtual simulations of robotic cells, to the design of dedicated tools and grippers and to the evaluation of all safety measures/requirements, our technical office experts' commitment is to find the best solutions in terms of productivity and quality for our Customers.

Packaging of large slabs in crates

Completely automatic solution for packaging of large slabs in crates. The robot, equipped with a specific profilometer sensor, reads the position of the slab pack in the crate. Subsequently the robot picks the back and place it under polyurethane foam filler, the quantity of filling is calculated on basis of digitalized readings.
After this operation, the robot places the bags in the slot between the slabs and the crate wall, where the polyurethane expansion starts and creates a cushion to protect the slabs themselves.
Lastly, after an automatic tool change, the robot positions a protective cardboard on top of slabs pack.

Large slab packaging on A-frame racks

In this application the robot prepares the packaging configuration for large slabs positioned on A-frame racks. 
By using a gripper and its arm extension, the robot positions large cardboard elements on all the sides of the racks.
After this phase there will be the final packaging of the elements. This application is versatile and designed to adapt to different racks dimensions and shapes.

Robotic application for automotive components

Production cell composed by multiple robotic application for automotive tailgate elements in plastic material.
Multiple robots work in series performing the complete range of operations necessary for these components:
  • Demoulding of pieces;
  • Dead-head cutting;
  • Inserting hatch cover pegs for assembly;
  • Handle welding;
  • Dovetail insertion of rubber plugs.
All these activities are performed with dedicated tools and grippers, completely designed by Gaiotto Automation.
This cell combines machining flexibility with high production capacity (one complete piece every 30 seconds).

Demoulding of plastic elements

Automated cell complete with press demoulding robot, gripper with vacuum cups and outfeed belt conveyor desinged for the production of plastic elements for helmet visors.


High production capacity application for food industry

Gaiotto designed and supplied the complete automation line for the production of cardboard elements for food containers. The high production capacity requested made it mandatory to design a multiple-pieces gripping tool with vacuum cups.

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