SACMI RobotClean, fully automated sanitaryware finishing

SACMI RobotClean, fully automated sanitaryware finishing

Already installed by leading customers, this solution completes automation of the sanitaryware production process, boosting finish quality and repeatability while making workers’ tasks easier

SACMI RobotClean improves working conditions by reducing the need for manual tasks and increases process quality and repeatability. One of the key 2022 innovations presented by the Sanitaryware BU, RobotClean is already proving popular with the industry’s leading companies as it delivers clear advantages in terms of quality, practicality and process efficiency.

What makes this solution outstanding is its ability to automate all those tasks collectively referred to as ‘white finishing’, tasks that, for the most part, are still performed manually. RobotClean is the result of years of research and development by the SACMI Sanitaryware Laboratory. The station consists of an articulated robot, equipped with new-concept tools, an innovative dedicated programming system and numerous piece finishing accessories.

Developed to faithfully reproduce the manual tasks performed by skilled operators, the tools incorporated on RobotClean feature integrated on-piece force compensation control; they’re also available in a range of configurations to match specific stages of the process (exterior, interior, rim and sub-rim) and the various sanitaryware models.

The result: high-quality precision finishing, with automation of every stage including work zone cleaning and worn tool changeovers. RobotClean comes with dedicated programming software, letting you perform detailed yet user-friendly simulations of robot movements and tasks. All programming and simulation can be done offline without any need to shut down production.


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