SMART Offline NG: user-friendly, multi-platform, cross-application

SMART Offline NG: user-friendly, multi-platform, cross-application

The software can be incorporated on all SACMI-Gaiotto sanitaryware line automation solutions yet can also be used to program other commercially available robots. The result: a drastic reduction in line stops and, thanks to the single platform, faster worker training

SACMI Smart Offline NG is an exclusive solution, fully designed by SACMI-Gaiotto, for the offline programming of robotic solutions on ceramic sanitaryware production lines.

Extremely user-friendly, Smart Offline lets manufacturers create a ‘digital twin’ of the robotic module (robot, turntable, spray gun, scanner, finishing tool, etc.) and consequently define a program to execute a specific task on the actual object. 

So what are the advantages? First of all, it drastically reduces downtimes, as robot programming does not interfere with routine production. Secondly, it speeds up training and optimizes the resources used in the process (human-machine, raw materials). Thirdly, this software saves lots of time when creating new programs and robot missions.

SMART Offline NG is a multi-platform, cross-application software. The software can be employed on the entire SACMI RobotGlaze, RobotClean, RobotLoad and Qualitrack automation range and used to program Gaiotto or other commercially available robots (Kuka, Fanuc, etc.).

In addition to defining the virtual model and the programs, the platform also lets you estimate their effects on the actual object. The result: greater task accuracy, which translates into optimization of production factors, especially the raw materials used in the process.

For example, in glazing alone, Smart Offline reduces - compared to traditional self-learning programming - overspray by up to 20% and average spraying times by up to 10%, depending on the models and applications.

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