SACMI RobotCasting, third ADM casting module for Gruppo Sanitari Italia

SACMI RobotCasting, third ADM casting module for Gruppo Sanitari Italia

Viterbo-based company continues to invest in casting automation by installing an additional robotized module for the manufacture of bathroom washbasins and consoles. The number of RobotCasting solutions in operation at the GSI plant now totals 13

Yet another step towards ‘total automation’, a key factor in achieving better product quality, workplace safety, productivity and versatility when handling complex production mixes. Gruppo Sanitari Italia - synonymous worldwide with Italian-made excellence - continues, then, to invest in SACMI robotic pressure casting.

Now, a new ADM casting module for the manufacture of bathroom washbasins and consoles is on its way to the main GSI plant in the Viterbo area. The ADM is already the industry standard-setter as it allows highly flexible management of diversified product mixes that can include items as large as 125 cm. This is the third such solution to be installed at the Gallese plant. It joins the first two ADMs purchased in 2016 and 2020 and is expected to boost output of these product types by 50%.

Featuring a high degree of automation, the module is fully controlled by a robot, from piece demoulding and rotation to overturning on the hardening stand prior to transfer into the FPV pre-dryer. On-car loading - which follows automatic finishing of the unfired article - is also fully automated. In fact, workers no longer perform any heavy manual handling as the system delivers the pieces to them automatically if final finishing tasks are required.

From integration with the supervisor to quality control, this solution forms part of a wider factory management 4.0 logic: for example, article weight control is performed directly after casting to offset any rheological variations in the composition of the slip. This lets the manufacturer set automatic casting feedback controls, thus maximising quality and consistency of thickness.

Expected to be fully operational by the autumn, this just-installed module is the 13th SACMI RobotCasting solution to be used by GSI, which continues to invest in SACMI automation at every stage of production, from casting to complete automation of the handling and glazing line. Moreover, every single solution is designed so it can interface with the factory data management system, with a total tracking function and constant monitoring of the plant's performance indicators.

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