Ceramica Cielo buys second SACMI robotized finishing system

Ceramica Cielo buys second SACMI robotized finishing system

The first company in the Italian sanitaryware manufacturing district to invest in SACMI RobotClean, Ceramica Cielo purchases second finishing cell with automatic handling. The new purchase is motivated by all the benefits offered by this system to eliminate manual operations whilst improving the quality of the finished piece.

Zero manual operations, excellent and repeatable finishing quality. These are the advantages offered by SACMI RobotClean, the robotized finishing solution which, a year after it was first launched, has already become a sought-after solution at the top factories in the Italian sanitaryware manufacturing district. Among these is Ceramica Cielo - the first company to put its faith in the new technology – which, after just a few months’ successful operation of the first purchase, confirmed the order to buy a second system.   

The second complete finishing cell, identical to the first one, was therefore recently installed at Ceramica Cielo’s headquarters in Fabrica di Roma (Viterbo) in the heart of the Civita Castellana district. The system is equipped with a finishing robot and automatic handling solution to transfer the piece to the cell and, after finishing operations, move it on to the inspection station before glazing. 

With SACMI RobotClean, the operator no longer has to carry out any operations in direct contact with the piece which, once it has been transferred to the cell, is finished by the robot by means of special abrasive tools. The latter operate according to programs set by the SACMI NG Smart Offline software that is constantly updated and developed according to the suggestions of the operators.  

The result is a complete eco-system for white finishing, the first of its kind on the market, which SACMI proposes as the last step for total automation of production, with the dual advantage of improving the work environment and guaranteeing a perfectly repeatable finishing quality.

As with the previous supply, the second cell just installed is programmed to interface with the customer’s factory supervisor, ensuring accurate tracking of all the operations carried out on the piece, data recording, real time generation of quality statistics and control of performance indicators.  

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