Who we are

Gaiotto is now regarded as the world’s leading producer of highly-automatic glazing and painting plants. Forty years of research and experience have led to the development of advanced products that comply with the very highest standards of quality and reliability. Gaiotto operates in the fields of ceramics, plastics and general industry. Its mission is to provide turnkey plants that use a combination of both its own robots and those made by other producers, with tooling, engineering and customer-specific personalization being carried out by Gaiotto. Constantly on the industry’s cutting edge, Gaiotto has succeeded in becoming a key system integrator by steadly raising the level of applied know-how within the various fields in which it operates. Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of robotized systems at both software and hardware level, its evolved design skills and qualified customer service, Gaiotto has constantly managed to combine technical knowledge with marked innovation.


The Company was born many years ago, around an half-century ago. It was first specialized in carpentry and then in painting machines; as years went by it showed its skills in the solution of little and big factories problems. This happened before the problem solving arose stressing the managerial engineering and the working teams. Basing on this philosophy, Gaiotto has always considered technology a mean and not an end: a mean to be sometimes improved for guarantee the real solution to Customers needs. This requires three important skills: aptitude to meet the Customer strategies and probems, necessary intuition to work out new methods for using known devices, skilfulness to work out updating solutions based on new machines and items. It doesn’t mean to adapt the factory to the existing machines, but just the contrary.

  • 1960's: automation of the painting processes and first water film booths;
  • 1970's: first reciprocating units of the Italian Industry and first hydraulic Robots with selflearning system;
  • 1980's: first electric painting Robots with direct learning and peripherical connections with integral automation;
  • 1990's: second generation of electric Robots with a more complex programming;
  • 2000's: OFFLINE, the exclusive self-learning software and release of 3rd generation of Gaiotto electric robot
  • 2010's: New company location in Piacenza, release of brand new SMART OFFLINE software for self-learning programming

Growing up...

Company development has followed and marked the evolution of this production field. Briefly, the Robotic world has given much more value to the plants than to the machines by marking the passage from the “learned Robot” to the “polyfunctional robotic solution”. As a result, the machine is not a solution, but the heart of different and possible solutions with the possibility to personalize the machine in relation to the specific industrial process. On these conditions the solution is really efficient and able to satisfy any kind of inquiry. So it doesn’t matter the Robot but the system in which it carries out its working phases. This logic is based on the concept of System Integrator: intermediate figure between the manufacturer or Robot distributor and the final Customer. Gaiotto plays and has played this rule passing through a general name: F.lli Gaiotto sas –year 1955 to a more specific one - year 1963 up to Gaiotto Automation – year 2000 with the aim to propose updating and automatic Technologies.

New premises in Piacenza

at the heart of the mechatronics district

The company has made significant progress this year, 2016, as the Group has decided to dedicate “Industry 4.0” to the move forward as a starting point – and at the same time a goal achieved after spending years putting procedures into place within the Sacmi network – of a “strategy for intelligent innovation where the real and physical world of machinery and the virtual world of digitalisation come together in the efficiency of procedures, the customisation of production, the promotion of skills and the qualification of work carried out.” 

In Gaiotto, this new 4.0 "industrial revolution" applies to products and services for robotics and automation (the well-established robots used for glazing ceramic bathroom fixtures as well as the brand new handling systems for large ceramic slabs, and the collaboration with Nuova Sima for the design of innovative automated plants with LGVs). 



Via Toscana, 1 - 29122 Piacenza PC - Italy
Tel.: +39-0523-1737600
Fax: +39-2-57763321
E-mail: info@gaiotto.it
Legal mail / PEC: gaiottoautomation@legalmail.it
Registered office: Via Selice Prov.le, 17/a - 40026 Imola BO - Italy
VAT No.  IT01175340197
Tax code and Corp. Reg. no.: 12533840158
R.E.A: BO-524525
Share capital: €748,280.00
Unipersonal company belonging to SACMI Group

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