Thanks to decades of experiences in the field, Gaiotto Automation is leader in providing automation and robotic solutions for spray applications and surface treatments.
The two current models of Gaiotto proprietary robot are specially designed to provide to Customers a machine dedicated for this application, marking a substantial difference from traditional handling robot.
Over the years Gaiotto supplied robot and automation for various final applications, operating in a multitude of industrial sectors: from automotive to plastic Industry, from heavy duty to home appliances productions.

Robot painting

Solvent-based and powder coating

Everyday hundreds of Gaiotto Automation’s robot are used around the world for painting components of the most disparate sizes and materials.
Thanks to its self-learning programming method, this robot allows flexible and high performances even on the most complex shapes and surfaces.
Solvent-based painting and powder coating are performed in applications for industry fields such as automotive, home furniture, electronic devices…


Gaiotto robot is ideal for the gelcoat application on components/elements.
Over the years the Company has developed a unique experience in designing tailor-made solution dedicated to Customer needs

Gelcoat application for waterpark elements

Solution for the gelcoat application on waterpark elements.
Gaiotto robot is working upside down on a 2-axis gantry in order to cover all the areas of workpieces

Acrylic applications

A specific solution suggested by leading supplier and specially aimed at plastic sanitary ware. It is extremely suitable for Jacuzzi bathtubs and specially shaped elements


Gaiotto provides smart automation and solutions for a complete range of special applications where it is requested the application of a layer on a surface. This can be done by using Gaiotto own painting robot or with the integration of commercial robot.

Galvanizing application for wind turbines elements

Robotized solution for the application of a zinc layer on large elements for wind turbines.
Due to the big dimensions of the workpieces it is necessary to perform the galvanizing operation simultaneously by two different robot.
Both this robot are working in tracking mode, following the feed movement of workpieces on roller conveyor.

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