Automation for the tableware industry

Thanks to its wide experience acquired together with other SACMI Group companies specialized in the sector (Sama Maschinenbau and Riedhammer), Gaiotto Automation leads the market with state-of-the-art automation solutions for the tableware industry. 
Some of the main applications of this technology include; Smart handling during production processes, robotized support for piece finishing operations and handling of plaster moulds during piece casting.
Each project is studied in depth by Gaiotto’s engineering departments, which check feasibility and robot trajectories, to guarantee maximum flexibility and production capacity to meet customer requirements. 

Robotized cells for finishing tableware

Anthromorphic robots configured to finish the edge of round, square and asymmetric articles. Fettling is generally carried out by grinding and/or sponging.

Robotized automation of tableware production lines

The addition of anthromorphic robots to complete production lines makes it possible to automatically control processes in a flexible way ensuring a high level of repeatability. Robotized pick&place operations connect the different stages of production. 

Piece handling for casting cells and transfer
to machines

Robotized cells designed for automatic unloading of the presses and for the smart handling of plaster moulds during piece casting.

watch the video

watch the video

Design and development of solutions dedicated
to customer requirements

Thanks to a specially simulated environment,  Gaiotto Automation designs and develops robotized cells dedicated to the specific requirements of each Customer.



Sacmi Imola S.C.

Sacmi Imola is the parent company of a world-leading international Group that designs, builds and markets machines and complete plants for the ceramics, packaging (beverage and closures & containers), food, automation and services industries.


Sama Maschinenbau GmbH

SAMA Maschinenbau GmbH is the leading manufacturer of fine ceramic plant and machinery on the international market. For the technical ceramic industry SAMA offers shaping machinery for extrusion, isostatic pressing, high pressure and taped casting, surface treatment such as fettling and glazing machines and finally automation for ceramic factories.


Riedhammer GmbH

Riedhammer GmbH is the leading manufacturer of kiln plants worldwide. We offer besides our traditional business areas, like ceramics and sanitary ware, also new and innovative technologies for the steel and electronic industries. The company is the perfect partner for customers requiring advanced and reliable technological solutions for all thermal processes, including complete plant solutions, both upstream and downstream the kilns with installation - worldwide. Riedhammer offers the widest range of industrial kiln plants. 


Gaiotto Automation S.p.A.

Gaiotto operates in the fields of ceramics, plastics and general industry. Its mission is to provide turnkey plants that use a combination of both its own robots and those made by other producers, with tooling, engineering and customer-specific personalization being carried out by Gaiotto.

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