With more than 20 years of experience in robotic applications, Gaiotto provides automation for different industrial fields, such as:
- Automotive;
- Industrial spraying;
- Gelcoat and acrylic spraying;
- Heavy duty machinery;
- Demoulding applications
- Handling and pallettization; 

The Company’s mission is to provide its Customers with state-of-the-art solutions, the most accurate service and the highest quality level.

Acrylic baththubs - sprying

A specific solution suggested by leading supplier and specially aimed at plastic sanitary ware. It is extremely suitable for Jacuzzi bathtubs and specially shaped elements

Industrial handling with robot

Gaiotto has developed painting plants for plastic material by adapting to the new trends of plants engineering which require a suitable control of the sprayed product as well as a certain uniformity and faithfulness of the process. Just in the plastics field, Gaiotto is capable of offering a "global service" properly structured by the development of multi-stage transformation processes:from injection to painting, from finishing to quality control.

Surface treatments and and robotic painting

As for painting, in addition to its robot, Gaiotto proposes itself as a supplier of the whole production process for surfaces treatment in any industrial sector.

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